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Scheer Medical Wellness puts a patient’s health and quality of life above all else. 

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Multiple Specialty Practice

Scheer Medical was founded and built on a vision to support not just our dedicated community but also patients in the state of New York and around the world since 2006. Our mission is to improve the health and provide better patient outcomes by setting the standard of excellence with a pool of diverse Doctors making the right choices for your health and quality of life. We combine state of the art medical treatments with the latest technology and research. Our patients can expect personalized attention and clinical care to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide array of medical specialties.

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Don’t let tendon pain slow down your work or healthy way of living. Now you can avoid invasive surgeries and get back in action with TENJET Health TX™. If you have tried taking medication, stretching or icing that’s just not helping or other therapies but still suffering from chronic tendon pain, then call us and speak to our doctor on how TENJET Health TX™ is right for you.


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