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What is a Functional Movement Screening (FMS)?

Functional movement screening (FMS) is a test used by therapeutic exercise coaches to help create a strengthening routine that best fits your needs. The FMS test can determine neuromuscular imbalances, which can prevent you from training properly, inhibit performance growth, and increase your risk of an injury—especially for those who participate in high-impact sports. Learn more about functional movement screening.

The functional movement screening test is set apart from other screening tests involving posture and flexibility because it focuses on your dynamic movement and how your joints and muscles communicate while the body is in motion. It is used to screen your body for asymmetries or weaknesses that can cause your body harm over time as well as increase your risk of injury. You may benefit from functional movement screening if you:

Have lower back pain

Have rotator cuff problems

Have knee pain

Are an athlete

Have had prior injuries

Feel unbalanced when performing movements

The functional movement screening test is a professional-grade test that cannot be done at home through a self-assessment, as there is a specific science behind it. During your screening, you will likely be asked to perform a number of physical movements while one of our experts evaluates your muscle usage and calculates your results. Some of the movements that are routinely used to measure your body’s balance include:




Shoulder rotations

Hurdle steps

FMS tests can identify a wide range of muscular weaknesses, which are important to correct in order to maintain your health and performance level. Some of the many benefits of undergoing functional movement screening include:

Improves your mobility

Improves stability and balance

Identifies imbalances and muscle weaknesses

Improves athletic performance and overall function

Reduces the risk of future injuries

Diagnoses problems so you can begin functional movement screen corrective exercises / therapeutic exercise

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