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Tenex Health

Minimally invasive technology for treatment of chronic tendon pain

Don’t let tendon pain slow down your work or healthy way of living.

Now you can avoid major or invasive surgeries and get back in action for a long term relief.

If you have tried taking medication, stretching or icing that’s just not working or other therapies but still suffering from chronic tendon pain, then call us and speak to our specialist on how TENEX Health TX™ is right for you.

NYC Stem Cell Institue offers a quick and safe procedure with Tenex Health TX™ designed specifically for patients suffering from tendon tissue damage.

Tenex Health TX™ is state of the art technology deveoped in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, a world renowned name and expert in advance medicine. Tenex Health TX System patented technology removes the source of pain and helps stimulate a renewed healing response.

Benefits of TENEX Health TX

Patients suffering from Achilles tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, Tennis elbow or Golfer’s elbow, Rotator cuff, Runner’s knee or Jumper’s knee have all shown improvements in functionality and significant decrease in pain early as 3-6 weeks.

Minimally-invasive and quick pain relief procedure that requires no stitches. Doctor will apply a small, adhesive bandage after the procedure.

Out-patient visit without the need for conventional surgery. Our ultrasonic tools precisely treat the damaged tendon tissue that causes pain while the surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed and your on your way home after the treatment.

Covered by most insurance.

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See how TENEX can be used to treat the following conditions.

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Scheer Medical is happy to discuss Tenex Health TX or any other treatment option that’s best for you.